Blue Note Debut April 2014

On April 20th, The Archi-tet played at Blue Note New York.
There were full of audience and some people were standing.

Aki Yamamoto (Bass)
Yutaka Uchida (Drums)
Irving Grossman (Trumpet)
Mike Wilkens (Saxes)
Elizabeth Frascoia (Trombone & Vocal)

Special Guest
Paul Meyers (Guitar)

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

The Archi-tet BLUE NOTE Debut!

“Red Blankey” and new SALES page!

Finally, my new album RED BLANKEY is on sale. I made a new page, “Sales”, please check that page.
I chose because I believe everyone use amazon to buy something.

I know that not many people have turn table to listen to vinyl record, and I know this album is pricy,, BUT, when I listed to this album on turn table, IT SOUNDS SO GOOOOD!!
Maybe not to a younger generations, but when we were kids, listening to music that you liked was not very easy thing to do. It was not easy to access as now. Now it is great that everyone can listen to music everywhere, almost anytime, but more convenient it became, it lost its value, I believe.

What I want to say here is that it is not only the vinyl sounds good, but it is very valuable moment to listening to music on vinyl. You have to be there, you have to flip the record, but you will sit down on the couch and listen to it carefully. The time to listen to music, I mean without doing other things, is VALUABLE. It is a luxury time.

I am hoping people enjoy their time to listen to music and find it’s value in this busy digital world.

Red Blankey main pic



The Archi-te album 3



“Red Blankey” Vinyl is almoset there

It has been a while since we recorder in studio, but our new album “Red Blankey” is very close to be released.

I am really satisfied with the album jacket. It looks very nice for Vinyl jacket.
It was long way to decide this design. Thanks to Mr. Akihiro Watanabe, my good friend and great designer.

These pictures are taken at the record making company.
Red Blanket 3

Red Blanket 1

Red Blanket 2

This is where we started. Lots of brain storming.


2013年4月、車のLEXUSの“Design Matters”というイベントで、The Archi-tetで演奏させて頂く機会がありました。いつものArchi-tetのメンバー(Miki Hirose:Tp, Mike Wilkins:Sax, Elizabeth Fo :Tb, Yutaka Uchida:Drums)に加え、今回はピアノに山中千尋さんを迎え、豪華なショーになりました。

“Design Matters”というのは、Lexusがアメリカにももっと市場を広げて行く為に、ブランディング力を高めて行こうというのが基本の方針で、映像や出版媒体にも力を入れて行かれるようです。あのTOYOTAの社長、豊田章男さんもいらしてスピーチをされ、パペッツと呼ばれる巨大人形パフォーマンスもありました。さらにThe Rootsによるステージパフォーマンスもありと豪華なイベントでした。招待されていたのは、NYに住むセレブやインフリューエンサーと呼ばれる人達。


そんな今のニューヨークを感じるパーティーで演奏させて頂けるのは、大変光栄な事でした。頼まれていたのは、とにかく「盛り上げる事のできる、かっこいい音楽を」ということでした。しかし演奏は、The Archi-tet+山中千尋さんという頼もしいメンバー。音楽のスタイルと選曲を工夫して、どんどん盛り上げていくことができ、楽しい夜になりました。