“Red Blankey” and new SALES page!

Finally, my new album RED BLANKEY is on sale. I made a new page, “Sales”, please check that page.
I chose amazon.com because I believe everyone use amazon to buy something.

I know that not many people have turn table to listen to vinyl record, and I know this album is pricy,, BUT, when I listed to this album on turn table, IT SOUNDS SO GOOOOD!!
Maybe not to a younger generations, but when we were kids, listening to music that you liked was not very easy thing to do. It was not easy to access as now. Now it is great that everyone can listen to music everywhere, almost anytime, but more convenient it became, it lost its value, I believe.

What I want to say here is that it is not only the vinyl sounds good, but it is very valuable moment to listening to music on vinyl. You have to be there, you have to flip the record, but you will sit down on the couch and listen to it carefully. The time to listen to music, I mean without doing other things, is VALUABLE. It is a luxury time.

I am hoping people enjoy their time to listen to music and find it’s value in this busy digital world.

Red Blankey main pic



The Archi-te album 3



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